GTC New Members

The GTC has nearly 1700 members, involved in all types of professional camerawork from many different countries around the world. We'd like to welcome those who have joined us recently:

Samuel Agbaje, Freelance Camera Operator, Dorset

Sheila Aminga, Student, West Midlands

Samuel Ash, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Derbyshire

Osian Bacon, Freelance Director of Photography, Essex

Christian Bessant, Student, London

Duncan Birnie, Freelance Camera Operator, Vale of Glamorgan

Samuel Bogaert, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Alex Bridgewood, Freelance Camera Assistant, Berkshire

Taylor Brooks, Freelance Camera Operator/Assistant, Buckinghamshire

Ryan Brown, Freelance Camera Operator, South Yorkshire

Ross Buchanan, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Sam Burrin, Freelance, Camera operator,  London

James Cannon ACS, Employed , London

Alex Carpenter, Freelance Camera Operator, Berkshire

Kate Chinnock, Freelance Camera Assistant, Northamptonshire

Mark Clutterbuck, Freelance Camera Operator, Berkshire

Joshua Codner, Freelance Camera Operator, Northamptonshire 

Sam Coles, Freelance Camera Operator, Somerset 

Sebastian Cort, Freelance DoP/Cinematographer, London

Andy Cottey, Freelance DoP/camera operator, Vale of Glamorgan

James Crippen, Freelance Lighting Director, Kent

Lee Cummins, Freelance Vision Engineer/Remote Head Engineer, Avon

Herbie Curran, Freelance Camera Operator, Hampshire

Peter Davies, Employed Creative Media Technician, Clwyd

William Davis, Freelance Camera Operator/DoP, Hertfordshire

Ryan Deboodt, Freelance Wildlife Cinematographer, Nebraska USA

George Dixon, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Mark Evans, Employed Camera Operator / Producer, Surrey

Thomas Fabian, Freelance Camera Operator, Buckinghamshire

Ben Frewin, Freelance Camera Operator/DoP, London

Ben Gordon, Freelance Lighting camera operator, Greater Manchester

Harry Hall, Freelance Camera Operator, Nottinghamshire

Mauricio Handler, Freelance WIldlife Cinematographer/ DP,  Main, USA

Ben Harris, Freelance Camera Operator, Bristol

Ian Hembury, Freelance Camera Operator, Kent

Adam Hogg,  Student, Pahang, Malaysia

James Holford, Employed Camera Operator, Gloucestershire

Andy Holmes, Employed Camera Operator, Cambridgeshire

Elizabeth Lanceman, Freelance Camera operator, Surrey

Ned Lecomber, Freelance Engineer/supervisor, London 

Jordan Lee, Freelance Camera Operator, West Yorkshire

Darryl MacDonald, Freelance Wildlife Cinematographer, Calgary, Canada

Mike Male, Freelance Wildlife Cinematographer, Virginia, USA

Craig McArdie, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Robert McKenzie, Freelance Camera Operator, Herefordshire

Peter Morgan, Broadcasting Course Leader, Ravensbourne University, London

Tim Murch, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Pablo Noronha, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Dan Ormerod, Freelance Camera Operator, Gloucestershire

Duncan Parker, Freelance Wildlife Cameraman, Somerset

Nicholas Payne, Freelance Camera/hothead operator, North Yorkshire

Anna Petchell, Freelance, London

Jake Pidgeon, Freelance Remote camera specialist, Wiltshire

Daniel Purse, Freelance Cinematographer / DOP

Glyn Rainer, Freelance Camera operator/Steadicam operator, Pembrokeshire

Erin Ranney, Freelance Wildlife Cinematographer, WA, USA

Hugo Santos, Employed Film & TV Technical Services, Oxfordshire

Alex Sheppard, Camera Operator, Bracknell, Berkshire

Marc Smith, Freelance Camera operator, Scotland

Luke Spiers, Freelance Director of Photography, Middlesex

Chris Stone, Freelance Camera operator/DoP, London

Cameron Tofts, Freelance Camera Operator/Assistant, Essex

Katie Wardle, Freelance Wildlife Cinematographer, Hampshire

James Webber, Freelance Camera and Jib Operator, Oxfordshire

Keith Wilson, Freelance Camera Operator, Isle of Man

Aaron Witchard, Freelance Camera Operator/DoP, Hampshire