About the GTC

The Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC) was formed in 1972 and now has around 1700 members across countries as far afield as Australia, the USA, Russia and Singapore. The majority though live in the UK, are freelance and work in all aspects of broadcasting from corporate and online productions to TV news and sport, current affairs and documentaries, soaps and drama.

The GTC is a non-profit making organisation, run by a Council of around 20 volunteer television camera professionals. It is financed partly by member subscriptions but also by patrons from equipment manufacturers and suppliers, both large and small, from across the industry. Through this, the GTC offers a channel for manufacturers to consult with end-user camera professionals when designing new equipment.

We are not a trade union and we avoid any political involvement, but we are an authoritative source of advice and information on all matters of interest to the camera department.

Our aim is to preserve the professional status of all those earning their living through working with television cameras and to establish, uphold and advance standards and expertise within our profession.

In 2017, GTC members voted to change the full version of its name from The Guild of Television Cameramen to Guild of Television Camera Professionals in order to more accurately reflect its truly inclusive nature.

The International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers, founded in 1982, is an association for professional cameramen and women, sound recordists and specialist technicians, earning most of their income from wildlife filmmaking. Its worldwide membership includes many of the leading names in our industry.

Since 1 January 2016 we are pleased to be affiliated to the IAWF.

To join the GTC as an IAWF member, please visit the IAWF website to apply. Your application as a Full member will be approved by the IAWF team and you will then be routed back to the GTC site to complete the subscription process.

Please visit the IAWF website for further information: