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  • On the UK stage of the Tour de France - photo sent in by Steve Ryder
  • EMI Hawk Eye camera watching the lines at Wimbledon
  • Capturing the action at Wimbledon
  • Centre court action at Wimbledon
  • A Wimbledon favourite: the topiary cameraman
  • Capturing the high angle 'beauty shots' at Wimbledon
  • GTC Advertising Manager James French doing his 'day job' - on Court 2 at Wimbledon
  • Former GTC TiCA winner Robin Sutherland in action at Wimbledon on Court 2 this year
  • Covering the action on the outside courts
  • GTC member Paul 'Biff' Baldwin on camera at Wimbledon
  • Steve Gray on the Super Hi-Speed camera on Centre Court, Wimbledon - a skill which won him a GTC Award for excellence
  • High angle view of the outside courts
  • OB camerawoman Shelley Gibbs working at Wimbledon this year
  • In action on Wimbledon's Court 14
  • Concentrating on the action on Court 2 at Wimbledon this year
  • GTC Member Phil Nixon on court at Wimbledon
  • Camerawoman Alison Banham covering the action on Court 2 at Wimbledon

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