JH (JeongHoon) Jang

JH (JeongHoon) Jang
Born in 1969, Seoul, Korea. I am a Korean, work as a London based cameraman & producer & director. I studied TV and Film at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth and Bournemouth University (MA TV and Video production). I first joined TV industry in 2000 from KBS News London bureau (Korean Broadcasting System) as a news cameraman and editor. After 5 years there I moved into freelancer world. Since then, I have made a lot of documentaries and current affair programme as a cameraman & Director for most of Korean TV channels. I have been working for them as a cameraman and correspondent to cover all sort of stories in the UK and other European countries. I also worked for a 3D programme using various 3D cameras for two months in 2011. It was very interesting experience for future media. Now, I would like to work with international TV people. It will be very happy if I can have a chance to work for both side, UK or other side of the world and Korea.


Visit and have a look some of my works at http://vimeo.com/jangpd/videos

Recent Work

<Discover London>: 60 mins Special documentary for KBS over 2012 London Olympic
<2012 London Olympic Report>: 3*10 mins special report for international current affair programme 'World Today'
<Global economic crisis>: 60 mins documentary for KBS
<International Broadcasting> for Arirang TV (Korean International TV channel)
<3D Panorama Korea> for Sky HD in Korea

Additional Info

<Land of Iron>: 25 mins documentary about Anti-personnel landmine in South Korea. screened in Washington DC and Paris)
<Korean Food Made Easy>: 30 mins Cookery programme to show how to cook Korean food. broadcasted SKY 166, 203 in UK, 2010.

I have been working for various regular programs;
<MBC-W>: MBC is one of major Korean public channel. MBC-W (World Wide Weekly) was MBC's international current programme. I made a lot of stories on various UK issues such as Terrorist, Teenage Gangster, Woman Homelessness, CCTV surveillance, Super Bacteria, Paparazzi, Property boom, Economic Crisis etc.
<KBS World>: BBC World equivalent: Lost British Icons, British Veterans of Korean War, Keeping Hens at Home etc.
<KBS World Today>: KBS' daily International current affair programme: Royal Wedding, General strike etc
<School in the World>: EBS (BBC2 equivalent)'s educational program to introduce unique school and system in the world.