Mo-Sys Academy: Upcoming Courses

Mo-Sys Academy

Mo-Sys Academy is an opportunity to learn virtual production from industry-leading professionals, featuring skills and techniques that are at the forefront of the modern film industry.

Delivered by skilled on-set technicians, its tailored practical courses provide group learning for industry professionals, university lecturers, and teaching staff. 

Choose between a 3-day Intro, 5-day Practical Intro, and a Full VP Foundation Course.

5 Day ICVFX Course

The Mo-Sys Academy 5-Day ICVFX Course, the Virtual Production Display Process: From Unreal Engine to LED Wall. Learn how to configure your Unreal Engine project to get 3D environments properly displayed on an LED wall. Instruction includes camera tracking calibration, the ins and outs of virtual production, and how to succeed in its implementation.

Date: 11 - 15 March 2024
Limited space available
Location: Mo-Sys Academy, Hawthorn, Los Angeles