Susan Lumsdon

Susan Lumsdon
Susan Lumsdon is a Director of Photography based out of Sydney with over 20 years’ experience as a professional. Experienced in Feature Film, Documentary, TV Production (Comedy, Drama, sports, science & children’s). Has worked for ABC TV, SBS TV, BBC TV, Deutsche Welle - Germany, Chaser Broadcasting, Giant Dwarf , Screen Time, Zapruder's Other Films, Jigsaw, Qual TV, TVC/Commercials, AusAid and the Hamlin Foundation, the Olympic/Paralympic Broadcasting Services. As well as having her work screened on all major TV channels in Australia she has worked in the UK & US, shot documentaries from the jungles of Borneo to the deserts of Ethiopia and from the Arctic to Times Square in New York.


Recent Work

Feature Films - DOP
Risen - DOP Panavision Alexa XT Anamorphic Primos Codex RAW
Leibe - 2nd unit DOP & B operator (Panavision VaricamPure 4K Codex RAW 21:9 Ultra Primes) DOP Don MacAlpine ACS, ASC

Short films - DOP
Round Trip - Sony F5 4K RAW, 16:9 PL Red Lenses
DeadLocked - Arri Alexa, 2k, 21:9, ziess CP2's
12 Steps - Sony F5 2K HDCam SR 16:9 K35 Lenses

Television - Cinematographer / DOP
International Women's Day Special - ABC TV
Gardening Australia - ABC TV
John Farrow Documentary - Indépendant Documentary
A Sexy Christmas - ABC TV
New Years Eve 2017 "Stories" - ABC TV
Comedy Next Gen S1 & S2 - ABC TV
What is Music - ABC TV - ABC TV
Growing up Gracefully - Giant Dwarf
Rage Documentary - ABC TV
The Check Out - Giant Dwarf
Dream Gardens - ABC TV
Kitchen Cabinet Series 2-6 - ABC TV
When I Get A Minute - Series 1 - ABC TV
Catalyst- Science Show - ABC TV
Compass - ABC TV
Playschool 50th Anniversary - ABC TV
Life On The Line - Screentime
Governor Generals Address to the Nation - ABC TV

Additional Info

Sony F5/55, XDCam & Digibeta
Canon C300/C500/C700
Red Helium8K VV,
Arri Alexa/Amira,
Varicam35/35 Lt plus Varicam35 Pure, Panasonic P2 ENG
Phantom 4K Flex Certified Tech