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  • BECTU Working Group on fact/ent and live production is coming along well. More meetings, lots of work but loads of engagement from all departments.

    9 June 20

  • Prepping for the next BECTU Camera Branch Working Group meeting tomorrow. Working on guidance for a safe return to work protocol.

    31 May 20

  • GTC Council meeting today.

    7 January 20

  • Awards and AGM planning is picking up pace. Editor in place, recce next week. Hope to see you all there on 14 May!

    31 March 17

  • Shout out to members who can spare some time to help at BVE (28/2 to 3/3) All offers of help gratefully received by

    4 February 17

  • Full agenda for todays GTC Council meeting.

    5 October 14

  • Looking forward to a few days with the F5 next week. Fingers crossed my Ronfords will be back from service!

    6 February 14

  • BSC Expo was even better than last year. Great catching up with old mates and meeting some new ones.

    25 January 14

  • Top Teks Customer of the Month! Flattered to have been nominated.

    21 November 13

  • A quiet few days means it's time to decorate. Be still my beating heart. Commercial on Friday with the lovely Alexa though. Bliss!

    18 November 13

  • Another week of F5 fun. Really enjoying working with it, will feel strange going back to my 500!

    10 April 13

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