Bringing the art of glass into focus…

British Cinematographer On Focus

Bringing the art of glass into focus…

This edition of British Cinematographer's Focus On series puts the spotlight on lenses.

They’re zooming into the world of lenses to examine the treasured glass at the heart of a production which helps set the mood and tone, create an emotional response, tell stories, and build a world on screen.

Today’s filmmakers are spoilt for choice with the variety and quality of glass available. Our latest guide will help you navigate the vast lens landscape.

You’ll find insight into how DPs evaluate lenses during testing to select the best glass for the job, along with the techniques they use during the shoot to allow both their lens and cinematic storytelling to shine. Does a vintage or modern lens fit the bill? Is de-tuning a lens to add character the best route or might a zoom lens be the ideal creative and practical tool?

Whether a cinematographer is shooting expansive vistas, close-up portraiture or seeking a more unconventional visual result, the way in which they collaborate with rental houses is fundamental. Head behind the scenes at some of the UK’s top rental houses to find out how they work with clients to create the perfect lens package.

With an increasing number of DPs adopting virtual production technology in their work, we hear from filmmakers about their lens choices and experiences shooting on a volume.

Elsewhere you can embark on a guided tour through the anatomy of a lens, swot up on smart lens technology, discover the art of lens customisation, and find out about the role filtration plays in the lensing mix. We also feature a range of production profiles, from music videos and commercials to short films and features, where cinematographers from around the world take us behind the scenes on their latest projects.

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