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Philippe Vignal takes a close look at StarTracker Max

Watch as Director of Sales and Business Development EMEA, Philippe Vignal talks us through the features and benefits of StarTracker Max. Shot during the grand opening event of Take2, a new LED virtual studio located in Salzburg, Austria.

  • Benefits of rock-solid camera tracking
  • Smaller, light-weight form factor
  • A new platform & improved user interface
  • Development roadmap - Wireless use
  • VP Pro overview

Garden Studios' Mark Pilborough-Skinner on 80+ projects, efficient LED virtual production and reliable tracking

Having completed over 80 virtual production projects, Garden Studios' Mark Pilborough-Skinner shares insight on making production more efficient through the use of technology and innovation.

  • Over 80 virtual production projects completed
  • Why Garden Studios rely on Mo-Sys StarTracker
  • Simple set-up, wizards and optional advanced control
  • Large studio, LED ceilings and Star placement
  • "80+ productions and never had an issue"

Take2 Studios equip new LED virtual studio with StarTracker Max

Take 2 Studios select StarTracker Max for new, state-of-the-art virtual studios. Located in the heart of Europe, Take 2 Studios objective is to provide clients with an agile, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable virtual production environment.

  • Rapid set-up, efficiency and wide range of clients
  • Fast and flexible production
  • Research, hardware choices & manufacturer support
  • Small form and not needing an external tracking PC

Mo-Sys and Erizos combine to power Virtual Table for NBC Sports

The Virtual Table gave a new perspective, with improved rider stats and analysis through the use of real-time data driven graphic animations which conveyed the energy and excitement of the race.

Gaussian Splat: A New Era for Virtual Production?

Mo-Sys has been experimenting with Gaussian Splat, a revolutionary scene creation technique that has the potential to transform the way photorealistic content is produced.

Is virtual production entering an exciting new phase, where the creation of production-ready photorealistic 3D content is being radically simplified? Take a look at its proof-of-concept video to see how it got on.

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