GTC members offer creative PPE solutions

Two GTC members have seized the moment in coming up with some creation solutions to the need for effective PPE as camera professionals begin to get back to work.

Anti-fog visors

DoP Rob Franklin was contacted by an engineer friend to help evaluate a prototype visor aimed at reducing the risk of droplet transmission whilst working in close proximity with others. The visor had been developed with many applications and industries in mind but Rob's contact was particularly keen that it work well for Film and TV shooting as well. Once the feedback had been considered, the design was tweaked and the final result sent off for CE testing against EU directive 2016/245, which it passed with ease.

The visor is lightweight, reusable, anti-fog coated and has high clarity with a good visual field. The visor element is replaceable and all elements can be recyled.

GTC members can benefit from a discount price for the visors.
Contact Rob if you are interested.

Colour-bar face masks

Meanwhile, many GTC members, including the GTC Chair Graham Maunder, have been spotted out and about sporting the striking colour-bar face masks marketed by Cameraman / Editor Tom Sykes.

Tom's masks come plain or with a couple of different text options – and for each mask sold a donation is made to Unicef.

See more or buy a face mask.