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In the first of British Cinematographer’s ‘Focus On’ guides, they kicked off proceedings by shining a light on virtual production (VP) - a cutting-edge filmmaking tool creating a buzz in the industry. As a member of the GTC, you can now read the exclusive guide completely free.

Whether you’re a VP veteran or just dipping your toes into the virtual realm, this publication covers everything you need to know, from workflows to lighting and new crew roles in the VP age. We hope you’ll find these guides a useful resource as they explore a variety of topics moving forward, expanding on the content in the magazine and across our digital platforms.

It’s easy to see why there’s been such enthusiasm and intrigue surrounding virtual production. This powerful solution unites the real and virtual worlds, capturing live action and CGI in-camera simultaneously, using game engines and LED volumes synchronised with tracked cameras. Expanding the creative storytelling options, shooting on the right virtual stage offers the ability to transport the cast, crew, and story to unlimited environments. 

In this guide, you’ll learn about when shooting on a volume could enhance a production; the training available and skills gap that still exists; and the tools, techniques, people, and workflow at the heart of VP. We also share examples of virtual production in practice and comment from those who have shot on LED stages and explored the creative possibilities they present. 

Hear from filmmakers including Greig Fraser ASC ACS and Asa Bailey who have explored shooting on LED volumes and discover how productions like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough and Netflix’s 1899 all benefited from the technology.

As you’ll also discover from the observations and insight shared, virtual production is not a magical solution for every project. There’s still room for improvement and as the innovations and techniques at its core continue to develop, the industry’s technical and creative achievements will soar further.

This is just the beginning of an ever-evolving world of possibility, and we’re excited to come along for the ride, observing virtual production flourish as filmmakers continue using it in inventive ways to elevate productions to new levels. With more creative conversations, advancing innovations, and imaginative uses of the technique to come, we’re eager to see where this adventure could lead the industry.

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