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Lighting the way…

Whether you've just started learning about lighting or you're already making an impact in this fascinating field, this guide is for you.

This edition of British Cinematographer’s ‘Focus On’ series is all about lighting and, as a GTC member, it's available to you completely free!

This expert-led publication is full of illuminating insight into this wonderful world. Hear from some of the industry’s leading lights, including John ‘Biggles’ Higgins, Julian White, and Carolina Schmidtholstein, on their creative and technical processes when approaching their latest projects.

You can delve into the DP-gaffer relationship and hear from cinematographers around the world on their illuminating approaches. Don’t miss the DP and gaffer Q&As which reveal the fixtures and techniques behind some of 2023’s top productions.

If you’re working with natural light, practicals, underwater illumination, or something else, you’re sure to find plenty of expert insight and inspiration for your next project. There's a nod to the past with our feature on taking inspiration from classic lighting techniques, but we’re also looking to the future with our advice on lighting for virtual production work.

Looking to get your foot on the lighting ladder? Find out how top gaffers got their big breaks in the industry and learn more about the training opportunities available for up-and-coming sparks. There’s also essential reading about the ever-important topics of safety and sustainability, and a chance to learn more about key associations such as the ICLS (International Cinema Lighting Society) and how they are keeping the lighting industry moving forward.