Mo-Sys host regional Virtual Production Learning Zone at KitPlus, MediaCity

Mo-Sys Virtual Production Learning Zone

On Thursday 23 June, Mo-Sys Engineering ran the Virtual Production Learning Zone at KitPlus Show, MediaCity. The event underscoring Mo-Sys’ deep commitment to share knowledge, collaborate with universities and training the next generation of industry professionals.

Led by Juliette Thymi, Mo-Sys Academy’s senior VP Technician and experienced Virtual Production Producer who has worked on projects for Netflix, ITV and BBC, such as Strictly Come Dancing, the free taster sessions gave visitors insight as to the technology and techniques used in Virtual Production, while highlighting a proven development path for those interested to learn more.

The full range of innovative Mo-Sys VP solutions were on display: 

  • StarTracker - widely recognized camera tracking system which uses retro-reflective stickers, randomly applied to the studio ceiling or the lighting grid, to define a star map.
  • VP Pro XR - dedicated XR server purpose-built for Cinematic XR on-set real-time production.
  • Cinematic XR Focus - pulling focus from talent to virtual objects positioned behind the plane of the LED volume.
  • Multi-Cam - VP Pro XR feature enabling seamless multi-camera switching to overcome the typical 5-6 frame refresh delay in LED volumes.

Mo-Sys Academy has announced new course dates in the UK and Los Angeles. Spaces are limited and demand is expected to be high.

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