Store your batteries safely during lockdown!

GTC sponsor IDX has reminded us of the importance of looking after your batteries during lockdown, as extended periods of inactivity can damage Li-ion cells.

For best care of all Li-on batteries, IDX offer this advice:

  • Short-term storage (day-to-day or week-to-week): Store them fully charged.
  • Long-term storage (month-to-month or 3+ months: Maintain a 20–40% charge in a cool, dry room. Check batteries periodically and charge when necessary. All lithium-ion cells have a self-discharge rate, so it is important to properly maintain and check batteries during long-term storage, otherwise you risk the battery cells becoming over-discharged and the cell balance collapsing, which will kill the battery.

Important note: Keep stored batteries away from heat, such as in car boots or near heaters or ovens.