BR Remote - New Products

BR Remote New Products

GTC Sponsor, BR Remote announce several new products, GS200, and Mini Pro to name just two and it also improved many of its products.  

IP connectivity is now available on most of its kit – even the humble Stage Box, now allows control of 5 remote heads from just one IP connection. Its fibre optic kit is upgraded to 12G and many other smaller improvements have been done.

GS200 - The Gyro Stabilised remote camera,  is a plug-and-play, live TV bit of kit and is impressing all that have taken the plunge. At about 1/10th of the price of larger systems and capable of 90% of the work.

Despite all these developments, its website remains a ‘no-password-required’ area. Just browse around and if you see something you like send a message or give BR Remote a call. 


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