Chauvet signs patent licensing agreement with Rotolight

Rotolight signs patent licensing agreement with Chauvet

GTC Sponsor, Rotolight Ltd announces that Chauvet & Sons LLC has agreed to an ongoing IP licensing agreement relating to the licensing of Rotolight’s cinematic special effects “CineSFX®” patent portfolio in the US, UK, and Europe, for use in the Kinoflo LED product range.  

Rotolight CEO Rod Aaron Gammons says:

We are very pleased to welcome Chauvet to our CineSFX® licensing programme for use within their products. Rotolight continues to invest millions each year into research and development in order to bring industry-first innovations to market, that saves filmmakers time and money on set. Any other infringing companies should now proactively approach Rotolight directly, to secure a licensing agreement on reasonable commercial terms.

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