CVP: Introducing Cooke SP3 primes

CVP Introducing Cooke SP3

GTC Sponsor CVP, introduces the Cooke SP3 a new prime lens series based on one of the most influential lenses in film history, Speed Panchro.  SP3 is a completely new design optimised - optically and mechanically - for full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Product Highlights

  • Full Frame
  • T2.4 throughout the range
  • 9 bladed Iris
  • Matches perfectly with Cooke Panchro/i Classic 
  • Dual focus scale (imperial and metric scales)

Focal Lengths

25mm | 32mm | 50mm | 75mm | 100mm

User-changeable Mounts

E-Mount | RF-Mount | L-Mount | M-Mount

CVP Cooke SP3

Watch CVPs first look and review of the Cooke SP3 lenses


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