IDX introduce two new products at IBC 2023

IDX releases at IBC 2023

IDX “CinePower” Batteries

This range introduces the new 28V B-mount batteries and charger. These will be the first products to satisfy customers who are looking for IDX quality in a B-mount form. Designed for the Arri cameras using the B-mount as well as lights and various other products utilising this form factor.


Offering a number of outputs for: B-mount, USB-PD, USB-A and D-Tap.
Capacity of 153Wh


Offering a number of outputs for: B-mount, USB-PD, USB-A and D-Tap.
Capacity of 275Wh


The BL-4SX is a 4-channel simultaneous quick charger, developed to charge the IDX CinePower range of batteries. Offering clear LCD displays and LED indicators to assist the operator identify the current charge state of their IDX B-mount batteries.

Further details will be released later on, the anticipated release will be last quarter 2023.

Come and see them at IBC Amsterdam Hall 12.C25!

IDX Imicro-PD Battery Range Adds USB PD In/Out 
And an even smaller option!

When IDX introduced the extremely popular Imicro range the main aim was to ensure features had not been sacrificed in the pursuit of compactness. IDX are happy to continue this tradition and introduce the new Imicro-PD range!

Following on from customer feedback IDX are not only adding an even smaller model to the range “Imicro-50P” but are also replacing the Advanced D-Tap socket for a USB-C PD connector.

The new Imicro-50P is an extremely compact and light weight unit.  This will be ideal when the user needs a lightweight low profile power solution, for applications such as directors monitors and alike.

Now on all three models there is the universally accepted USB-C PD socket, giving the user multiple voltages out to power a myriad of compatible equipment, also allowing the batteries to be charged via a USB-C charger, like the UC-PD1 and UC-PD2 chargers from IDX.

In addition to the USB-C PD output, each model is also equipped with a conventional D-Tap out. 

Digital data remains in this new range and gives an accurate level of battery capacity, with either SB mode or IB mode to make it compatible with a wide range of broadcast cameras and equipment. Externally the LED indicator also gives a guide when off equipment. The V-Torch is again offered for those needing to find items in the dark.

All come with a 2-year warranty

Come and see them at IBC Amsterdam Hall 12.C25!

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