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Mo-Sys Salesforce spin-off

Salesforce spin-off creates corporate video with cost-effective Virtual Production

Salesforce spin-off utilizes new, rapid and cost-effective Virtual Production workflow for corporate video content.

Morden Wolf is successfully shooting, editing and publishing high-quality corporate content quickly, with small teams and at a fraction of the traditional production costs from its central London office-based studio.

With the economy slowing, this ground-breaking approach is demonstrating how companies can produce more, for less, and that Virtual Production is no-longer the preserve of big budget Hollywood movies.

Mo-Sys Garden StudiosBehind Garden Studios’ LED Virtual Production

Mark Pilborough-Skinner of Garden Studios talks to us about the benefits of having an incredibly stable tracking solution like StarTracker for rapid set-up, LED ceilings and digital stars.

Mo-Sys G30 Gyre-stabilized remote headMo-Sys updates the G30 gyro-stabilized remote head

We've recently announced new updates to our G30 heavy-duty gyro-stabilized remote head. The G30 offers precision movement with superior image stabilization together with simple tech-less operation in a cost-effective package.

Mo-Sys VP Pro 5.2.1Announcing Mo-Sys VP Pro 5.2.1

Mo-Sys VP Pro has been updated to coincide with Epic Games release of Unreal Engine 5.2.1 Hotfix.

Introducing the new StarTracker Max

Experience the ground-breaking StarTracker Max and unlock a world of limitless possibilities. Mo-Sys StarTracker is renowned for its unparalleled camera tracking in virtual production, with a quick and easy setup process.

With its latest update, the StarTracker Max now features a compact and lightweight on-camera unit, allowing for effortless application with Steadicam and handheld cameras. Available now. 

Mo-Sys Academy

Mo-Sys Academy
If you're interested in small group learning in a friendly environment, Mo-Sys' Academy is the perfect place for you. We're excited to announce new course dates this summer and would love for you to join us. Please visit our website for details on pricing and location. Spaces are limited so grab your spot fast! 

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