Looking Glass 2024 Survey - Please help!

TLS Looking Glass 2024 Survey

Earlier this year, GTC Patrons True Lens Services (TLS) became an industry friend of the Film and TV Charity. This charity helps all within the UK filming industry not only with financial help, but also providing information & support for mental health & wellbeing. 

The charity has recently been in contact with TLS to ask for help. They have launched a survey called ‘Looking Glass’, which tackles topics on mental health and wellbeing of behind-the-scenes workers in film, TV, and cinema. The survey looks at issues like bullying, harassment, and how working conditions are impacting the workforce.

The results of the survey will help them with their on-going crucial research, and they will be able to see whether there’s been positive progress since their previous survey in 2019. As it is a tough time for many in our sector, we believe it is important that we give Film and TV Charity our support. We urge you to complete the survey and spread the word even further.

If you would like to know more about the research and impact click here or if you would like some general information about the charity here is their website https://filmtvcharity.org.uk/ 


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