Matthews Displays Dovetail Cross Plate & CAM Tank at BSC Expo

Matthews Dovetail Cross Plate and Cam Tank at BSC 2023

GTC Sponsor, Matthews Studio Equipment highlights two rugged and versatile camera support tools that individually solve a world of everyday busy set needs and together form a dynamic camera support duo.

Dovetail Cross Plate

The Dovetail Cross Plate (patent-pending) expands orientation versatility when mounting a camera to a fluid or gear head. It also simplifies working with prime and zoom lenses where minimal balancing is required. A quick addition to existing camera supports, the 2-layer swiveling plate design provides both traditional camera mounting, as well as additional 90-degree and 45-degree angles.

Each rotating Plate has a different finish for easy identification and features a spring-loaded post and stationary stop to prevent the bridge plate or sled from sliding off. Other safety features include a special angle lock design and an internal positioning safety spring. In addition, twenty 3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 threaded holes on the plate bottom with Heli-coil wire inserts secure the connection. The Dovetail Cross Plate is compatible with the quick release on most fluid heads and other supports including the Matthews CAM Tank.

CAM Tank

Proven for over a decade, CAM Tank now sports a new sleek black finish and red trim. This hefty support accepts all standard large format camera plates or can direct mount to any large or medium format camera equipped with 3/8"-16 mounting threads. It is designed for extremely low shots, while maintaining the ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 30 degrees in each direction. It is commonly used to achieve dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head or can be pointed straight down off of a fluid head on a tripod or jib.

The Dovetail Cross Plate is an easy companion for the CAM Tank. Thanks to industry standard threads, they mate together securely and safely support the camera in almost any position to help produce routine shots or seemingly impossible angles, on schedule.

Visit Matthews to see them both at BSC Expo - Stand 237

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