Matthews introduces black 5” Pocket C-Stand

Matthews Black 5" Pocket C-Stand

GTC Sponsors, Matthews Studio Equipment's C-Stands have been supporting productions, big or small, for half a century. This December, to mark the anniversary of the ubiquitous Folding Leg C-Stand, Matthews offers something a ‘little’ different: a new Black 5” Pocket C-Stand™, just right for miniature and tabletop work.

Like its popular chrome counterpart, the new black powder-coated stand is a scaled down version of the famous full-sized equipment support, featuring a rugged steel build with a double riser, folding leg, and 2 fully functional aluminum grip heads with 3/16 holes. Named for length of its 5” (12.7cm) Arm, Pocket C-Stands offer an easy way to support standard dot and finger flags, as well as scrims and other mini gear. Weighing 13oz/368.5g they raise to a maximum height of 13”/33.02cm without the included Arm or 18”/45.72cm with the Arm.

The Black 5” Pocket C-Stand is available free with the purchase of a Matthews Pocket C-Stand in standard chrome plating.


The BOGO Holiday special is available now and will run only while supplies last. The Black 5” Pocket C-Stand is not available for separate purchase.

Matthews family of C-Stands is available through the company’s worldwide dealer network. For more information visit: or

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