Matthews Introduces Gatorbuddy

Matthews Gatorbuddy

GTC Sponsor, Matthews Studio Equipment introduces the new Gatorbuddy™ a professional tool that helps shooters work with bounce and fill cards that can increase productivity on the job.

Compact, sturdy and mobile, Gatorbuddy is useful for a variety of tasks. Featuring a steel base and four Tente caster wheels, it can glide around the studio, then easily lock safely in place to facilitate lighting adjustments. With dolly-like ease, it can help move panels and V-Flats smoothly in and out to swap backgrounds. Plus, it can help create instant walls and dividers or easily be equipped with a laptop or monitor for use as a work/media station.

The design features a sturdy wheeled base with a low center of gravity for maximum stability. Eight inserts offer positioning of the three screw-in aluminum Baby Risers while a slider knob accommodates width and angle adjustment of various size panels. Additionally, it is easy to add a Junior Wall Plate for supporting a C+ Riser or a V-Flat holder that easily modifies for varying angles.

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