Matthews Studio Equipment presents, a better mounting solution!

Matthews presents Grip Rail

GTC Patron, Matthews Studio Equipment introduces Grip Rail, designed to offer a better way to mount equipment on location, in the studio, or on the fly.

From the mind of inventor Aaron Hammel (Local 80, motorcycle race mechanic/crew chief, owner of Patriot Camera) comes the no-cutting, better, rail-style, telescroping grid-pipe alternative to imprecise and bulky pipe organs: Grip Rail.

Grip Rail is available now in multiple diameters and two lengths, made from rugged lightweight 6061 aluminum.  Brace and hang cameras, lights, or backdrops, incorporate into a wall spreader, build overhead frames, and more.

Designed to work with off-the-shelf grip hardware like grip clamps, Matthellinis, and standard pipe fittings.  Secure fixtures up to 60lbs/27.2kg in the horizontal and 120lbs/54.4kg in the vertical.


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