Mo-Sys and Bendac combine to show cutting edge virtual production technology at MPTS

Mo-Sys combine with Bendac at the MPTS

GTC Sponsor, Mo-Sys Engineering is partnering with creative technology specialists Bendac to showcase the very best of ICVFX, final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show (stand J42, Olympia London, 10 – 11 May). The booth will feature Mo-Sys’ StarTracker Max in a demonstration of Cinematic XR Focus together with an impressive 8x3m Bendac LED wall along with ETC lighting provided by 3LR.

Michael Geissler, CEO of Mo-Sys says:

Virtual and augmented production is the hottest creative topic of the moment, and everyone at MPTS will want to see the leading edge of what can be achieved, practically and cost-effectively.

Mo-Sys pushes the boundaries of remote and virtual production at NAB Show 2023

Mo-Sys at the NAB Show 2023

Mo-Sys had a remarkable presence at NAB Show 2023, showcasing the latest technologies for remote and virtual production. Its team was thrilled to join forces with Mo-Sys Academy graduates Hyper RPG, delivering a unique interactive virtual production demonstration. Visitors to the booth were able to create their own videos and content with the help of the all-new StarTracker Max optical camera tracking system and Mo-Sys VP Pro XR

Virtual production democratization, unlocking community potential

Mo-Sys Other News

Mo-Sys recognizes the importance of democratizing production through new technologies by lowering barriers of entry and providing access to valuable communities.

Recently, Mo-Sys Academy virtual production educator Eric Rigney collaborated with the First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME) in Los Angeles, converting their dining hall space into a small greenscreen studio. In one afternoon, it demonstrated to church members, young and old, how virtual production opens up possibilities they may have never otherwise imagined. 

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