New hire kit from VMI

3rd Phantom arrives

It has never been in contention that Phantoms are the best Super Slow Motion Cameras in the world.

 In view of this, VMI today received its third Phantom VEO 4K camera which makes us the largest Phantom VEO 4K rental stockist in the UK.

These have been used in the UK and on every continent, for docs, dramas, features and commercials.

Our clients have used them on jibs, underwater, in freezing conditions and the desert.

Light enough to use on a crane or gimbal, at 2.5kg, they are even light enough to be drone-mounted.

Grapes being smashed at 1000 fps using Phantom VEO 4K super slow motion camera. Shot at 1000fps/4K


  • 5-1000fps
  • 4K RAW Capture
  • 10Gb/s ethernet
  • Compact only 2.5kg
  • 72GB of on-board RAM 
  • C-Fast2 off-load
  • EF/PL/Nikon mount
  • Wireless r/control available



Budget 1000fps in HD

Not every production can afford or justify using a Phantom VEO 4K camera, so the Chronos 1.4 is an ideal 3rd unit camera to capture a short super-slow-motion shot.


It is an extremely compact super slow motion camera capable of 1000fps in HD (1280x1024) and has a very affordable price tag of just £220 per day. 


Video is captured in compressed h.264 or uncompressed RAW format to removable SD-XC cards (media and lens included). 


  • 1057fps in HD
  • Very small & compact 
  •  Lens included
  • H.264 capture to SD-XC
  • £Budget

Splash clip shot with Chronos 1.4 HD 1000fps HD Super Slow Motion Camera



More RED Geminis

5K and really good in low light, so we bought more Geminis.

The DSMC2 Gemini system offers superior low light performance than the Helium sensor and the camera incorporates a taller sensor too, so better for anamorphic capture.

5K resolution fully complies with UHD 4K requirements, so this is a very popular camera for Natural History production and now also being used for drama acquisition too.


Dedicated Time Lapse camera with motion detection

A camera solely designed to shoot both time-lapse sequences and motion detection sequences in HD.

This camera is designed as a long term time-lapse camera, as it uses AA batteries which can power the camera for weeks/months without power running out, includes a lens and records HD 1080 onto MP4 file format onto internal cards.

 The system includes a macro zoom lens, is wi-fi controllable and weather resistant (IP65 rated).

Afidus ATL-200 Time Lapse Camera Introduction



Cooke Panchro Classics T2.3-T2.8

Vintage is still in vogue, so VMI now stock the Cooke Panchro Classic which is a modern remake of the vintage primes that we know as Speed Panchros.


They are apparently true to the original look, contain modern glass and also the /i technology for frame by frame digital information capture



Sigma Cinema Lenses extended to 10 incl. 28mm/T1.5

Sigma has increased its range of cinema primes to 10 lenses now including the 28mm/T1.5, 

Incredible 4K resolution and solidly built, these are available now in PL and EF. All are T1.5, except for 14mm and 135mm which are T2. 

14, 20, 24, 24, 28, 35, 40, 50, 85, 105, 135mm. All are T1.5, except for 14mm and 135mm which are T2. 


All PL and most EF focal lengths stocked by VMI.



More E-Mount Lenses

The Sony FS7 and FS7 Mk II are seriously impressive cameras and more and more clients are choosing lenses which mount directly to the native E mount.


Choose from Sony Gmaster zooms, Fuji MK zooms and Veydra Cinema Mini primes. All are suitable and none require a Metabones or other lens adapter to work with FS7 I/II for speed and simplicity.

  • Sony 16-35mm         F2.8 power zoom
  • Sony 18-105mm F4 power zoom
  • Sony 70-200mm F2.8 power zoom
  • Sony 28-135mm F4 power zoom
  • Fuji MK 50-135mm T2.9 Cinema Zoom
  • Fuji MK 18-55mm T2.9 - Cinema Zoom
  • VEYDRA Cinema Mini Primes



Zeiss Compact Zoom Range extended

VMI now stock both the Zeiss 28-80 and also 70-200 Full Frame Compact Zoom lenses

Full Frame and available in both EF and PL, these popular zoom lenses are colour matched with Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes.




Infiniprobe Robusto Lens 

The latest in our range of probe lenses with the arrival of. the Infiniprobe TS-160 Robusto

The TS-160 can focus from infinity to only millimetres from an object. Unlike any of the other InfiniProbes, TS-160 can be used directly with almost any digital or video camera, as it works with EF or PL mounts —all while producing world-class images comparable to the best zoom microscopes that do not directly cover formats up to 35mm. 

The 'city' film clip was shot by Lewis and Ian of the inside of a computer, to show how the perspective can be manipulated by using the Infiniprobe lens.


InfiniProbe TS-160 - Miniature City



VMEDIA has more 512GB CFast2 cards

VMEDIA had a large delivery of the new 512GB CFAST II cards.



Superhero Campaign 2019 for MAG

Our 2018 'Superhero' campaign raised £22,000 last year to clear millions of landmines. Our quest is to help rid the world of landmines by 2025 and we running this campaign for one more year, aiming to raise £25,000. ...about Superheroes


Do you want to ride with us?

Unleash your inner Superhero and let us know if you fancy riding with us from London to Bristol in July. 

If this seems too arduous for you, then contact Barry now to sponsor our shirts. The deal?

Your logo = £200 donation.







Sigma 28mm FF Prime

Infiniprobe Robusto Probe Lens

Zeiss 28-80 FF zoom EF & PL



Sony GMaster E mount 70-200 F2.8 zoom

Cooke Panchro Classic Primes

Afidus ATL-200 Timelapse camera with motion detection



Chronos 1000fps HD Super Slow Motion Camera

GoPro Hero 7

Century 150-600 PL Zoom




VMEDIA Memory Card and Power Hire


VMEDIA is VMI’s media rental division, set up in 2017 in response to a growing demand for memory card hire. Specialising in renting the fastest and largest card and SSD formats available, VMEDIA stocks media for rental in RED MiniMag, CFast 2.0, XQD, SDXC, CF and SSDs for Sony AXS and Atomos/Convergent format too. This service was expanded to also hire high-capacity batteries and flight-safe batteries for hire in late 2018and a major investment of new high-speed AXS cards in 2019.



As an environmentally sensitive company, we work hard to avoid unnecessary deliveries and to minimise our carbon footprint.

We offer a unique delivery service using our Eco-friendly electric powered BMW.

As a low-carbon service, the vehicle incurs no congestion charge and this saving is passed on to customers.


Free Same Day London Eco-Delivery*


Free National Next-Day Non Timed Delivery*


Free Dedicated Hire Returns Point In Fitzrovia


*Minimum order of £100+VAT

*Order by 3pm

See VMEDIA website for details