New Tiffen Diffusion Filters for Magnetic Rear Holder on ARRI Signature lenses

Tiffen magnetic rear holder

GTC Sponsor, The Tiffen Company adds a new type of filter to its repertoire of imaging tools. For the first time, filmmakers who use Signature lenses can add their favorite Tiffen filters to the ARRI Magnetic Rear Filter Holder on each lens.
Because Signature lenses feature the detachable Magnetic Rear Filter Holder, there is no change to the native lens required to use the new Tiffen Filters. Installation could not be easier and does not require a special tech. There are no tools and no worries. Tiffen's integral ring of 12 high power magnets on each filter ring perfectly line up with those on each Signature lens. The result is instant changeability and more creative options when it comes to strengths and varieties. It also means less weight than with heavy matteboxes and filterholders in front of the lens.
Tiffen Filter  ARRI lens up closeThe simple-to-use magnetic rear-mount system opens the wide world of Tiffen filters. Cine professionals can choose from the large range of diffusion filter types—including Black Fog, Night Fog, Black Pro-Mist®, Antique Black Pearlescent, Antique Pearlescent, Antique Satin, Smoque®, the array of Glimmerglass® and many more. As with front-of-the-lens filters, Tiffen rear filters come in a choice of grades from 1/8 to 2.
There is a change to the way strengths are affected when using the rear mount system. Jon Fauer ASC explains:

When mounted on the rear, you can use one filter strength, for example ¼, on your entire range of focal lengths. You do not have to change strengths depending on how wide or tight you are. This is different from when you add a filter to the front of the lens—where you probably use a heavier grade for wide angles (maybe ½ or 1) and a lighter grade for tighter angles (maybe ⅛ or ¼). Now, you only need one filter strength at the rear of each lens in a set.

Tiffen Motion Picture Filters are made in the USA and come with a 10 Year Warranty. Tiffen Rear Mount Filters for ARRI Signature lenses are available from Tiffen dealers everywhere.


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