Prolight Direct introduces the new Pixel tile from Exalux

Prolight Direct - Pixel tile from Exalux

GTC Sponsor, Prolight Direct Ltd, announce the new Pixel tile from Exalux. A full colour, pixel mapping 600x600mm lightweight 6Kg tile. 

This unit is versatile, RGBW, and can be used on standard DMX / Lumen radio for basic control, or using Art net via a laptop you can use it to its full potential and play video through it.

It has 1024 pixels that can be individually controlled, mains or battery powered with multiple mounting options.

Main Features:

  • 1024 pixels LED tile
  • ExaChrome LED Engine (RGBW 3000K)
  • CCT from 1800K to 10 000K (Ra :95 min)
  • Control Modes : CCT+G/M, X/Y, HSI, RGB, Pixel
  • Pixel Modes : P1 (32×32), P4 (16×16), P16 (8×8), P64 (4×4)
  • DMX/RDM + Wireless DMX (LumenRadio CRMX™)
  • Art-Net, sACN
  • V-Mount battery powered (14,4-26VDC)
  • 100-240VAC input
  • 110W Power Draw
  • IPX4

If you'd like to try one, please contact Prolight Direct to arrange for a demo unit: 
Call +44 0203 475 1963 / 0845 8620025 or email:


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