Ready for close up? Panasonic announce the PT-CMZ50 LCD Projector

Panasonic PT-CMZ50 LCD Projector

GTC Sponsor, Panasonic Connect Europe announces the PT-CMZ50 LCD projector designed to deliver large images from ultra-short distances with minimal shadowing, easy installation, and convenient adjustment. Ideal for use in class and meeting rooms, as well as entertainment venues such as museums, this 5,200lm ultra-short throw projector can be installed just 1cm from the screen for eye-catching visuals under bright lights and in challenging installation spaces. 

Panasonic PT-CMZ50 LCD ProjectorThe CMZ50 projector delivers 80-inch images from approximately 1cm allowing presenters to work confidently without worrying about shadows on the screen or being dazzled by light from the lens and providing onsite and remote participants a clear view of detailed content. 

Easy ceiling and wall mounting options make this portable projector easy to install anywhere. In challenging install positions, the image can be digitally shifted ±10% V/H and fitted to the screen using Digital Zoom Extender and Image Shift function via remote control. After installation, focus can also be simply adjusted using the remote control.

Presenters can begin without waiting for the projector to warm up. Images appear around a second after power on, while CEC command compatible HDMI™ turns the unit on and displays automatically when content is played from a device. An HDMITM output is included for connection to a second projector. For wireless projection, it works with Panasonic’s Wireless Presentation System PressIT or AJ-WM50 Series Wireless Module.

The Panasonic CMZ50 is scheduled for release in Q2 of 2023.


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