September news from VMI

VMI September news 2023

Solar Panels Boost Video Village

Solar Panels Boost Video VillageIn the past, portable location power was only possible using a generator but the latest AC batteries give a real emissions-free alternative for many applications. Best of all, the addition of solar panel charging enables the batteries to be charged, even whilst in use, as Camera Assistant, Louis McCracken recently found out...

EcoFlow AC Power StationsEcoFlow AC Power Stations

In reality, these are massive Lithium-Ion batteries with built-in inverters, designed to delivery very high current loads in 240V AC over a long time-period.

With Solar PV OptionWith Solar PV Option

A compatible portable solar power solution can generate up to 400W enabling productions to work be entirely off-grid

Shoot Anamorphic in FF

Everyone appreciates the cinematic quality of shooting anamorphic.

Shoot Anamorphic in FFWith the popularity of Full Frame, it made sense for VMI to make more options available for capturing in both anamorphic and Frame. This is a new article to explore these options.

Zeepromt Prompter & Laptop Package

Zeepromt Prompter & Laptop PackageThe latest-generation professional teleprompter, which unlike VMI's other prompters, also includes a built-in monitor and supplied laptop as a complete system. Ultra-fast setup, lightweight one-piece design and user-friendly prompting software makes this ready to go in minutes.

Nanlight Pavotube II

Nanlight Pavotube II2 x versatile RGB LED lighting tubes which are 2ft long and feature built-in batteries for very easy operation.

Easy mounting and spigot mounts, clamps and other accessories are provided to make these lights a useful addition to any shoot.


VMI OPEN HOUSE EVENT... In PicturesWith the degree of weirdness for 2023 being off the scale (!), we decided to host an ‘Open House’ in September for our clients and it was a great success with lots of new and existing kit on show. Here is the story… in pictures

Rental Sustainability Group

Rental Sustainability GroupWhen camera assistant Jason Henwood setup a rental company sustainability group in late 2010s, this was taken over in 2021 by VMI's Barry Bassett and a consortium of like-minded rental companies was formed who meet regularly and share best practice to help decarbonise our industry.

Kingston Int'l Film Festival Submissions Open

Kingston Int'l Film Festival Submissions OpenAs a seminal sponsor of the Kingston International Film Festival, I am excited to announce that submissions are now OPEN for the KIFF 2024!

Join the many submissions that have already been made, so whether you're an emerging artist or an established filmmaker, KIFF invites you to showcase your creativity.

VMI Sustainability-The Film

VMI Sustainability-The FilmIt is hard to believe that it has only been two years since we adopted sustainability as our sole focus, since it now defines everything that we do, so we thought that it was about time that we made a film about it.

Sustainability is way more than Barry, the Directors or the staff. Instead, it changes and defines the way that we do everything.

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