Teradek launch new Prism Mobile Backpack for IBC

Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack

New for IBC 2023: GTC Sponsor, Teradek launches the Prism Mobile Backpack, a 5G mobile broadcasting solution for 4K HDR video contribution from the field.

The Prism Mobile Backpack makes streaming on location easier and more reliable than ever with up to 6 simultaneous cellular connections over 5G and LTE networks. The Backpack features Teradek’s award-winning Prism Mobile 4K bonded cellular encoder, as well as up to 4x Node 5G modems, which provide global, high-speed connectivity. 

The Backpack is perfect for global news gathering and live event coverage on location, especially when traditional network connectivity like WiFi isn’t available. Teradek designed Prism Mobile Backpack to provide maximum flexibility for customers, allowing them to swap modems, encoders, and power at will. That means smaller organisations can start with a more affordable build, while larger organisations can scale it to their needs.

With the Prism Mobile Backpack, broadcasters can:

  • Feed live video back to headquarters or directly to a designated destination over 6x 5G / LTE modems
  • Swap modems, encoders, and batteries on demand to meet the demands of any event
  • Upload recordings from the field directly to camera-to-cloud platforms such as Frame.io, Sony C3P, and Sony Ci
  • Monitor and distribute live feeds from Teradek’s Core Cloud platform

Teradek Prism Mobile Backpack contents

Tyler Riddle, Product Manager at Teradek says:

Prism Mobile has seen great adoption within the industry, but we often receive requests for more connectivity options. Our new Backpacks triple the cellular connectivity of a standard Prism Mobile and with 5G support, speeds are substantially faster. We think this is a solution that will help customers take their productions to the next level.

The Prism Mobile Backpack is available for purchase today.


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