Teradek launches Prism Mobile 5G & Mk II for in the field broadcasting

Teradek Prism Mobile 5G used at football match

GTC Patron, Teradek introduces Prism Mobile 5G and Prism Mobile Mk II, the latest additions to its acclaimed Prism Series of 4K HEVC video encoders. 

Prism Mobile is the ultimate video contribution solution for news teams, live production crews, and public safety officials. The system is designed to provide the best possible cellular connectivity without compromising on size and weight, allowing field operators to stay agile for longer while live streaming or capturing the action for camera-to-cloud workflows. 
Teradek Prism MobileThe Prism Mobile 5G and Mk II feature 2x integrated high-performance cellular modems (LTE for the Mk II) with private mobile network / CBRS support, twin SIM slots, and an external connection for modem expansion (+1 Node modem). Its low-SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) industrial design weighs just 864g with Gold or V-mount battery plates, making it perfect for events where mobility is a top priority. Like the Prism Flex, Prism Mobile is deeply integrated with several camera-to-cloud platforms, including Frame.io, AVID, Sony C3P, Sony Ci, PIX, and Moxion.

Prism Mobile also brings the Teradek Reliable Transport (TRT) protocol to bonded cellular workflows for the first time. TRT is an ultra-robust, ultra-low latency transport protocol that delivers audio and video over bonded cellular networks in as little as 250 ms. Through path measurement, TRT dynamically adjusts stream buffer size and forward error correction to optimize packet delays across diverse network environments. This is part of the magic that allows TRT to maintain its real-time delivery without sacrificing quality.

Mike Gailing, VP and GM of Live Production at Teradek, says:

As we unveil the latest additions to our product lineup, we’re reaffirming our commitment to providing cutting-edge video contribution solutions without compromising on size, weight, and power efficiency. By continually investing in and enhancing Prism's robust capabilities, we're propelling this product family to the forefront of streaming technology. We have exciting plans ahead as we strive to empower broadcasters to meet the ever-evolving demands of their audiences.


The Prism Mobile 5G and Mk II are available for pre-order now.

Visit http://tdek.co/pm5g-pr to learn more and get in touch with the team.


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