The dedolight Lightstream Flag System

dedolight Lightstream Flag System

When a beam light or a beam projector hits a reflector, there is a good chance that some of the light coming towards the reflector will continue above, below, left and right of the reflector, which in a studio with black walls may remain unnoticed, but in many cases it could be very disturbing when you employ many reflectors simultaneously.

GTC Patron, dedolight has developed the dedolight Flag System, where a round black flag or a square black flag can be attached to the back of the reflector, to eliminate the parasitic light that would otherwise be disturbing.

Normally, you would ask for a whole group of people with four extra lighting stands, for example C-stands and flags, to walk in and put one flag above, one below, one left and one right. So, all of a sudden each reflector now needs five stands. The dedolight Lightsteam Flag System, has put everything on one single stand – the reflector and the flag system.

dedolight Lightsteam Flag System

Square Flags

As an example, for a group of reflectors that are lit simultaneously a square flag system can be used.  Moving the reflectors on the bendable holding arms to be close to each other, so that they share the maximum of the incoming light and still don’t allow the stray light to go anywhere – left, right, above or below. You can even place a smaller fifth reflector for a particular accent.

You can reflect the light onto further reflectors which would then work with a round black flag which is available for all the different sizes of dedolight reflectors, and thus getting rid of the parasitic light.

The Flag System expanded

When you light a portrait with several reflectors, it can look very nice, but often you will find that when you go to the medium shot or even to the long shot, you have the whole picture full of reflectors.


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