TLS: Lowest Rehousing Waiting Times!

TLS lowest rehousing waiting times

Last year when GTC Patron, TLS moved into its new premises, Glass House, it gave it more space, more space for rehousing and servicing departments, a larger machine workshop and more office area. This also meant that it now had the opportunity to increase staff. Since last year it has successfully recruited new skilled technicians as well as expanding all areas of its business, growing the TLS team further.

The new team members have helped tremendously on bringing down the rehousing waiting times and therefore the majority of its waiting times are now less than 12 months, which is fantastic news! 

It's now a perfect time to get in touch with TLS and see how it can help you with your lenses.

If you are already on one of its waiting lists rest assured one of the TLS team members will be in touch with you very soon!


TLS LogoIf you would like more information, please visit, or get in touch via or alternatively
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