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Top-Teks New Blog Posts

Rigging the Sony BURANO: An Early Preview into Accessories

by Matt Wafer

With the release of the new Sony Burano cinema camera, it becomes evident that this is the camera that many have eagerly anticipated. One of the advantages of the Burano lies in its modular design, allowing rigging options for various shooting scenarios. Whether you are a rental house outfitting your fleet or an owner-operator, prioritizing reliability and straightforward solutions that don't consume time or prove finicky on set is essential.

Top-Teks invite GTC Members to an open day at its Harefield base, to get up close and personal with the Sony Burano and a range of accessories.

What is XOCN-LT, Its Benefits and Why It's a Game-Changer

by Mike Thomas

What is XOCN-LT? XOCN is Sony’s 16 Bit compressed RAW recording what comes directly off the camera sensor, the OCN bit stands for Original Camera Negative. It comes in three flavours, XT, ST and LT, for the Sony Burano we are only interested in the LT version. Quick stats are for a 4K 25P recording the data rate is 406Mbps, which is the same as 10 Bit XAVC Class 480. So how can you record a 16 Bit High quality RAW image at the same data rate as a 10 Bit intra codec?

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