Vinten launches new series of Studio Technology Guides

Vinten Studio Technology Guides

GTC Patron Vinten, a Videndum brand, announces the release of a series of free technology guides aimed at navigating the future of robotic studios through the adoption of AI and machine learning.

The guides explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and advanced computational algorithms in modern studio production, offering insights into its applications and benefits. From streamlining studio operations to enhancing accuracy and adaptability, topics covered include:

  • The role of AI in studio production and its real-world applications, including voice prompting and presenter tracking.
  • Benefits and challenges of transitioning to IP-based live production solutions and their integration into wider corporate networks.
  • Streamlining studio production, optimising real-time performance, and enhancing productivity with AI-driven automation.
  • The transformative impact of AI-assisted automation on broadcast robotics.

Neil Gardner, Senior Product Manager for Vinten Robotics, says:

Efficiency and innovation have become indispensable components of success in the fast-paced broadcasting landscape. As AI and machine learning technology reshape studio operations, our series of technology guides offer practical support for navigating the complexities of modern studio production.


Vinten will showcase its own AI and machine learning solutions, including the advanced VEGA robotic control system at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas on Booth C5817.


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