VMI News April 2024

VMI News April 2024


VMI Cuts Emissions 36%

VMI Cuts emissions 36%After three years of dedicated efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, VMI surpassed expectations with a remarkable 36% reduction in its operational carbon footprint in 2023 compared to 2022 and actually decreased by well under half from 2019 base year of 235T to just 78T in 2023.

These numbers, meticulously calculated in accordance with SBTi guidelines, reflect VMI's dedication to surpassing industry standards and driving meaningful change in sustainability practices.

DJI Ronin 4D 8KDJI Ronin 4D 8K now available

The Ronin 4D has changed how a lot of productions are shot today and whilst the original shoots 6K, we now stock the 8K version too.


Atlas Mercury FF 1.5x Anamorphics now landed

The Atlas 2x Orion anamorphics have been really popular and finally after a 2-year wait, the FF Orion Mercurys have landed.

Atlas Mercury FF 1.5x Anamorphics

These 1.5x anamorphics cover FF and are T1.5 throughout. The initial 3 lens 'A' set includes 36, 42 and 72mm with the 'B' set expected to arrive in Q3.

Burano Media now stocked by VMEDIABurano Media now stocked by VMEDIA

1 and 2TB Burano Type B CF Express cards are now stocked by VMEDIA.


Eartec Ultralight Talkback Kit

Eartec Ultralight Talkback KitWalkies Talkies are great but if you want a super-light, easy to use wireless talkback kit, then look no further. 8 headsets, 6 hours of battery life and spare batteries. What's not to like?


Washing Away - London's Last Lauderettes

London's last lauderettsProducer Sophie Nielsen was a worthy winner of the VMI’s recent film competition, with her film having both a sustainability theme as well as a mainly female team.

Her nostalgia to Launderettes drove her to capture their essence in a film before they vanish amid rising costs and gentrification.

Her aim is to inspire appreciation for these simple bastions of tradition and camaraderie, urging others to cherish the tangible reminders of community in an increasingly digital world.

Production Assistant Bootcamp Final Weeks of Prod Assistant Bootcamp

The Production Bootcamp Course is now in its final week! Our talented students have completed the course, met with the band and heard the tracks and designed and shot a pop video to be edited this coming week.

We have been incredibly impressed with the caliber and seriousness of the students and have high expectations that we will have helped several of them to launch a career in TV.



A guide to starting your sustainability journeyFlint Media Publishes VMI Guide to Starting Your Sustainability Journey

Unbelievably, Neil Howman of On-line Publisher, Flint Media, was so impressed with the sustainability efforts of VMI, that they asked whether we could help them to create a 10 page guide to helping companies start their sustainability Journey.


Free Batteries...

Free batteriesWe are finally retiring our Anton Bauer Dionic HC fleet and have 7 x 4-way kits with chargers to give away for free!

These have all been checked to have 70+% of new capacity. We are not asking for anything in return but it is just nice that they will have a new home, rather than landfill. We have some V-Lock clips which we can donate too. Email Kevin to arrange.


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