VMI News - February 2024

VMI News February 2024


Power to the People

Powering portable gearPowering portable gear used to be really easy. Then it became really complicated with lots of different standards… and now it has become much easier again, courtesy of new technology.

This article explores the battery standards which exist today and why certain cameras, like Alexa 35, work better with 26V; Why 14V batts work brilliantly with small LED lights etc.

Aputure Light Storm LS600XAputure Light Storm LS600X

A bi-colour version of the powerful Aputure Light Storm LS600D, which is a larger and higher power version of the Light Storm LS300x, featuring 2700-6500K light output.

Increased power output in a weather-resistant construction and several professional level lighting controls - what's not to like?

Cooke SP3 E-Mount lenses

Cooke SP3 E-Mount lensesBased on the Cooke Speed Panchro look, the Cooke SP3 primes are Full Frame, lightweight primes specifically designed for mirrorless cameras.

The native Sony E-mount enables them to mount directly to Sony FX-6, FX-9, Burano, Venice etc to generate the legendary 'Cooke Look' in a small compact form-factor.

At just 500g each, these are ideal for paring with other Cooke vintage-look lenses for gimbal applications.

VMI Sustainability features 5 pages in Zerb%VMI Sustainability features 5 pages in Zerb

We were thrilled when Zerb, the official magazine of the GCT, chose to profile VMI's climate-friendly actions in a 5-page case study in the Spring edition of their quarterly Zerb Magazine.

It is great to be recognised to do the right thing by the industry that we all love.

Canon C70 now PL MountCanon C70 now PL Mount

Canon's extremely compact 4K camera is now available to hire with an optional PL mount, in place of the default R-mount/EF-mount.

Sustainable/Female Lead Film Competitions - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

The winners of the recent competition promoting inclusivity and sustainability are Sophie Collier Nielson for "Washing Away," a heartwarming documentary celebrating community connections.

Sustainable/Female Lead Film Competitions

Borbála Veszelák's "Greensleeves" won in the Sustainability Film category, shedding light on greenwashing in corporate culture.

Both winners receive camera and grip equipment rental from VMI, a Production Carbon Footprint analysis from Sustainable Film, and expert guidance on sustainable production practices to shoot their films.

Production Assistant Bootcamp - Started

Production Assistant Bootcamp - StartedBased on the Cooke Speed Panchro look, the Cooke SP3 primes are Full Frame, lightweight primes specifically designed for mirrorless cameras.

Courtesy of funding from DfE and sponsorship from SEGRO, VMI and JGA have started a six-Week Skills Bootcamp to further develop and support aspiring individuals keen to understand what it takes to be a production assistant and thrive in the Film and TV entertainment industry. This will run to April 2024.


VMI Sustainability-The Film

VMI Sustainability-The FilmIt is hard to believe that it has only been two years since we adopted sustainability as our sole focus, since it now defines everything that we do, so we thought that it was about time that we made a film about it.

Sustainability is way more than Barry, the Directors or the staff. Instead, it changes and defines the way that we do everything.

More VMEDIA...

VMI V-MediaDid you know VMEDIA is media supplier to some of the biggest features in the world?

VMEDIA supplies the largest, fastest memory cards and SSDs for hire and which now includes portable power too.



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