VMI News - January 2024

VMI News - January 2024

VMI in 2024. 

Komodo-X Arrives

Komodo-X ArrivesAnother year brings yet another RED camera, though we will still maintain stock of the original cheaper Komodo.

The Komodo-X features a slightly improved 6K KOMODO-X sensor with double the original slow motion rates but still features RED’s cinema-grade image quality, colour science, and sensor technology.

Cooke SP3 E-Mount lenses

Cooke SP3 E-Mount lensesBased on the Cooke Speed Panchro look, the Cooke SP3 primes are Full Frame, lightweight primes specifically designed for mirrorless cameras.

The native Sony E-mount enables them to mount directly to Sony FX-6, FX-9, Burano, Venice etc to generate the legendary 'Cooke Look' in a small compact form-factor.

At just 500g each, these are ideal for paring with other Cooke vintage-look lenses for gimbal applications.


VMI was Climate Neutral in 2023Carbon Neutral, Climate Neutral, Net-Zero... We know the words but do they make a difference?

Yes, they absolutely do and by hiring from VMI, you have helped us to make a difference.

  • Albert-certified Carbon Neutral.
  • No single-use plastics.
  • Nil Landfill.
  • Only use energy from sustainable sources.
  • 55KW solar panels generated most of VMI's energy in 2023.
  • Carbon emissions halved between 2019-2022.
  • Major influence brought lasting change to industry.
  • Offset all 2022 Emissions in Albert-Approved Rainforest project.

Best of all, we don't charge any more for our services.

Pro2be System Arrives

Pro2be System ArrivesA faster probe lens design than the existing Laowa Probe and Periprobes. This package features 3 lenses including 0°, 35° & 90° modules offering specific perspectives for more creative freedom.

With a maximum T8 aperture, 2X magnification, and a waterproof distance of 36.6cm, this can be used for a multitude of applications, including shots below the water.

Sustainable/Female Lead Film Competitions

2023 was a difficult year for our industry, to get 2024 started on the right note, VMI and Sustainable Film are offering 2 productions the opportunity to win camera and grip equipment for free!

Sustainable/Female Lead Film Competitions

VMI is prepared to donate a suitable production package for a film with a suitable sustainability message/female lead crew.

Be quick though, as you only have until Sunday 14 Jan to apply!

SIGMONSTER 300-800mm

SIGMONSTER 300-800mm Our latest DSLR zoom is a bit different to our other lenses. This lens is so large and with such an impressive range, that it been given its own nickname of the "SIGMONSTER".

The 300-800mm focal range has a very impressive range and covers FF as well and as our version is natively EF mount, this can mount to all cameras with an EF option.

Client Survey Results

In the past month, we held our 16th annual client satisfaction survey, asking all VMI clients who had hired from us in the previous 12 months exactly what they thought about us and we were delighted with the results.

Client Survey Results Most importantly though, 52 of you voted VMI 4.72 on customer service (3 is average, 4 is good and 5 is excellent), which is equivalent to 96% client approval rating. This is the eighth time in as many years that you have scored us 4.7 or more and we continue to be thrilled that you consider that we deliver at this level.

Our Gear on Planet Earth III

Who doesn't love the Planet Earth series?

Gary and the Bristol team supply gear in the background for many big Natural History productions, so we are thrilled when our gear appears in the shows!

Our gear on Planet Earth III

Production Assistant Bootcamp - Now Feb start

Production Assistant BootcampYou will have a further chance to apply to level up your Production Assistant skills with a Six-Weeks Skills Bootcamp. Free practical training with guaranteed interview. Course now postponed to Feb.

This six-Weeks Government-funded Production Assistant Skills Bootcamp is being offered with training provider, JGA and is completely free of charge.

It is designed to further develop and support aspiring individuals keen to understand what it takes to be a production assistant and thrive in the Film and TV entertainment industry.


What company has their own compost heap? VMI!

VMI SustainabilityWe have been recycling all of our bio waste for some years but Bristol, has gone one better and recycle all food waste with their own compost heap.

Gary, the Branch Manager, told me that in fairness, a local badger eats most of what they put in but I retorted that this is still 100% recycling without any diesel required for food waste collection, so it works for me!

VMI Sustainability-The Film

VMI Sustainability-The FilmIt is hard to believe that it has only been two years since we adopted sustainability as our sole focus, since it now defines everything that we do, so we thought that it was about time that we made a film about it.

Sustainability is way more than Barry, the Directors or the staff. Instead, it changes and defines the way that we do everything.


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