What is SymplySPARK XT?


If you've ever faced the challenge of compromising between performance and affordability, GTC Sponsor, Symply understands your struggle. With the latest MACH.2 multi-actuator drives from Seagate and the ultimate RAID system from SymplySPARK XT you can have both: unrivalled performance and high capacity while keeping your budget intact.

Symply says, it is hard to argue that the SPARK XT currently holds the title of the fastest Thunderbolt 3 RAID available on the market today, but how did we achieve this? To answer all your questions, we created a video in which we explore the key topics  needed to understand how the combination of SymplySPARK XT and MACH.2 outshines SSD-based RAID systems in real-world, concurrent read/write workflows.

Please watch the video below, to learn how hard drives actually work and why the combination of the latest multi-actuator technology MACH.2 from Seagate and Blazing-fast Thunderbolt RAID system SPARK XT from Symply is the ultimate tool for creators.

Symply LogoMore information can be found at: gosymply.com