Bill Vinten GTC Award 2014 shortlisted entries

The GTC is pleased to announce that the six cameramen on the 2014 shortlist are:
  • Adam Grasso – Director of Photography 
    S.O.S. (for the artist Femme)
  • Vince Knight – Director of Photography 
    The Domestic Lives of Mollusks
  • Jacob Leese – Camera Operator 
  • Thomas McKie – Director of Photography 
    The Last Fisherman
  • Daniel O’Flaherty – Director of Photography
    Sunday Dinner at the Morgans
  • Thomas Reed – Director of Photography

The shortlisted cameramen represent the universities of Bournemouth, Lincoln, Staffordshire and the University for the Creative Arts, who are competing with the other university submissions for the prestigious Bill Vinten GTC University Award Trophy. 

This year 11 universities submitted films demonstrating the craft skills synonymous with camerawork that enhances the story content from a variety of genres.