A gold medal for the camera Olympians from the President of the GTC

I am staggered by the beauty and exquisite execution of the television camerawork, from all the cameramen and women from all around the world, that we have been witnessing throughout the 17 days of the London 2012 Games. Twelve different countries contributing television crews and we viewers could see no join. The viewing of the Olympic Games has been, for all of us, an absolute delight.

There will be few of the many millions of worldwide viewers who will have had the advantage that I enjoy; as a television cameraman, I have some considerable appreciation of the great expertise which has been demonstrated by all the camera teams who have 'crewed' this event. I know just how difficult it must have been to frame and focus in extreme close-up all the great athletes demonstrating their Olympian skills and fully understand the skill involved in offering up ever-changing frames, always delicately controlled, so that the 'viewer' is totally unaware of any cameraoperation whatsoever.

So can I offer my most sincere congratulations to all who covered the 2012 Olympics, from all the very many venues. It has truly been a great pleasure and a privilege to have witnessed this event. Thank you all.

Dick Hibberd,  
Life President, 
The Guild of Television Cameramen 



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