Are you being paid enough?

BECTU has just published its latest going rates of pay for freelance camera crew. 

The tables below show recommended going rates by grade and type of production. They are based on information provided by union members, as approved by the Camera Branch. BECTU recommends that you accept no less.

The rates refer to labour only. They do not include any element of kit hire.

There is still confusion about holiday pay, and about the distinction between 'basic' rates which exclude holiday pay, and 'rolled up' rates which include holiday pay. Employers usually quote 'rolled up' rates. This is bad practice, and in principle is unlawful, but it usually happens.

In the tables the 'rolled up' rate including holiday pay is therefore shown first in bold, followed by the underlying 'basic' rate excluding holiday pay in brackets. This assumes that:

NO paid holiday is taken during the course of the contract. On this basis, with effect from April 2009, holiday pay should be equivalent to 12.1% of the basic rate.

Click here to download the freelance rate card: BECTU camera rates.pdf

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