BB&S Lighting introduces 1ft 4-Bank at IBC 2017

BB&S Lighting of Denmark is introducing a new LED Remote phosphor fixture, the Pipeline 1’ 4-Bank. This conveniently sized panel light utilises four, 1-foot Remote Phosphor Pipes mounted in individual intensifiers to produce up to 4000 lumens of output at a uniform 98 TLCI, while drawing just 40 Watts. Just the thing for small studios and field production, the new fixture is a colour-accurate soft source, available in 3200°K, 4300°K and 5600°K versions.

The compact 1’ 4-Bank fixture weighs just 3 lbs and measures 12” long x 8” high x 1.5” deep. In the field it travels lightly as a single unit and can fit a small case. With 90-degree light dispersion, this problem-solver can be mounted flush against a wall or ceiling via the included yoke and TVMP mount, or hung with a variety of optional hardware accessories.

The optional BB&S 48V 4-way Controller with DMX, (four individually controlled 40W channels) can handle four 1’ 4-Banks, four 2’ 2-Banks or three 1’ 4-Banks, plus several 1’ Pipelines. This 48V solution provides smooth, flicker-free dimming all the way to zero (even in the last 5%). Also available are 8’, 16’ and 24’ BB&S heavy-duty extension cables that can be used with no power loss.

This new fixture enjoys the advantages of remote phosphor LED technology, where the LEDs are separated from the color rendering phosphors to produce more vivid color generation at 98 TLCI without color shift and also prevents heat degradation over time. Output is flicker-free with 100 percent to 0 dimming.

The 1’ 4-Bank joins BB&S’ Pipeline family of LED Remote Phosphor lighting fixtures, including the 2’ 2-Bank, 3’ 4-Bank, 4’ 4-Bank, Reporter Kit, Pipeline RAW (with no driver or dimmer) in 1’, 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths, and the 1’, 2’, 3’ or 4’ Pipeline Frees (with driver and dimmer).

The 1’ 4-Bank comes standard with a yoke and TVMP mount. Now available with a 3-year warranty, users can choose from the 3200°K BBS-3555, 4300°K BBS-3556, or 5600°K BBS-3557 at an MSRP of $595 each.

For more information about BB&S Lighting in the US, visit:, or in Europe visit:


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