Dedolight Award-winning LED kits now available for rent

GTC sponsors Cirro Lite are pleased to announce – after a delay of almost a year due to demand in sales – the first new DLED rental kits. These will now be available from their rental department as well as all main rental companies.

The New LED 40W units offer great optical performance and control, as expected from a Dedolight, but also have the added ability to dim without any colour shift, as well as to tune the colour on bi-colour versions.

The DLED lighting system addresses many of the challenges when shooting with the new digital cameras in a busy environment – not only does it provide great optical control, it also provides a new level of dimming control. This allows small adjustments on the fly and  effects and highlights to be added with the projector system.

Main features

  • Bi Colour, Daylight and Tungsten version
  • Fine control dimming without colour shift
  • Colour Correct – with even colour distribution
  • Clean beam (no stray light outside the beam, no hotspots)
  • Double Aspheric Optical system
  • Unprecedented Focusing range (Wider/tighter)
  • Highly efficient
  • Projection attachments for effects
  • 12V ballasts available with V-Loc Battery adaptors if required

Rental kits come in both Bi Colour and Daylight versions, and rental kits are similar in content to the standard 150W dimmer kits available as standard from most rental lighting companies

For more information, demonstration and availability please contact Cirro Lite:

Tel: 020 8955 6700

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