Marlow Film Studios: What is being proposed and how to support

Marlow Film Studios Proposals

Marlow Film Studios will transform a land infill and former quarry site into a best-in-class centre for British filmmaking capable of producing two high end film or television productions simultaneously. 

The proposals will turn a former landfill and quarry site into a top tier creative workspace, providing a major centre for British filmmaking. In doing so, this will bring with it international recognition, contributing £350 million to the local economy annually, and generating up to new 4,180 jobs anchored in Buckinghamshire – 2,000 directly at the studio and another 2,000 in the wider supply chain.

The new studio will also provide traineeships and educational opportunities for local young people helping deliver a pipeline of Buckinghamshire talent into the industry.

The outstanding architectural design, together with the design of the buildings, the energy strategy, the role of landscape and biodiversity all as integral elements of the masterplan, will enable award-winning film and television production that is sensitive to climate impacts and benefit the local communities in Buckinghamshire.