GTC Award Winners 2018

The GTC’s 2018 Awards were presented on Sunday 3 June at a new venue for the event, the Brooklands Museum, near Weybridge, Surrey.

The evening started with a fascinating keynote speech delivered (appropriately enough, given that many GTC members had just enjoyed the Brooklands ‘Concorde Experience’), by former Concorde pilot and current BA training captain John Tye. John was awarded the Mike Baldock Award by the GTC a few years ago for his work as a trustee for the children’s charity Dreamflight. The charity takes disabled children to Disneyland and, through John's work, many GTC members have been able to contribute (and also benefit from the experience) of travelling with a group to the US and making a video documentary of the trip for the individual children.

GTC Chair Graham Maunder

Next to take the stage was GTC Chair Graham Maunder who listed some of the recent progress the GTC has made during his first two years in the post, which he said he was very proud to have witnessed, including:

  • The incorporation of the IAWF
  • The introduction of the GTC Public Liability Scheme
  • The first GTC Academy at Bournemouth University with 2 more since
  • The continuation of the GTC and Bill Vinten University Awards
  • The historic vote to change the Guild's name underpinning the inclusive nature of the organisation
  • Workshops on a wide range of industry topics with a record attendance
  • Zerb and GTC In Focus going from strength to strength
  • A special Zerb mental health supplement which has really brought to the forefront the support that is needed in our industry
  • The digitisation of the entire GTC magazine back catalogue
  • A record number of new members
  • The sponsorship of a Cinematography award covered live on Sky TV
  • New and improved Forum for members

None of this could have been done without the hard work of GTC Council members, who demonstrated the willingness and determination to make the GTC ever more relevant and inclusive for all those working with TV cameras.

GTC Ambassador Keith Massey

Graham handed over to the MC for the Awards, Keith Massey, who reported on the work he has been doing in this new role as GTC Ambassador – including letters published on the subject of equal pay for women not just in high-profile journalist roles but also within the camera department; representations to the BBC on programme quality standards; and a general request that the work of the camera department be given the full credit and recognition it deserves especially in comparison with some of the often inflated kudos and rates given to other sectors of productions, quoting Sir David Attenborough from the National Television Awards, when receiving an award for Blue Planet:

“What counted in that series was the pictures, and it was the pictures that were created by the cameramen and camerawomen who dived into the ocean to get them who spent 3½,  4 years to do so”.

Keith summarised:

"I maintain that our job now, one of energetic creativity and ever changing technology, is far harder than most in television, particularly those that deal in words that are fixed and carried around in someone’s head and don’t weigh anything."

He then moved on to introduce this year's GTC Award winners (not presented on the night in the order below).

GTC Dick Hibberd Award Winner:
Bhasker Solanki

This year's winner of the GTC’s top award, formerly the Television Cameraman's Award (TiCA), now renamed the GTC Dick Hibberd Award, is Bhasker Solanki. Bhasker was a BBC news cameraman for a remarkable 38 years, during which time he covered many of the most memorable, and often shocking news stories of recent decades. The Awards organisers were delighted that the family of GTC founder member Dick Hibberd, in whose memory the Award has been renamed, were able to attend the day and that Dick's son Steven was able to present the Award to Bhasker.

In accepting the Award, Bhasker gave a fascinating and moving account of some of the many stories he has witnessed through the lens. The summary of his remarkable career reads like a resumé of world news over the past four decades, with images having been gathered in more than 100 countries.
Read Bhasker's story in Zerb.

GTC Awards for Excellence

Unlike many other awards, there are no categories in the GTC awards so every nomination is assessed for its merit independently and not just on the visual aesthetics. This allows us to consider the approach and method of filming a particularly difficult subject, for example. It also means that nominations can be drawn from all fields, multi and single camera, broadcast and online, documentary to TV drama and everything else in between.

The Detectives: Murder on the Streets, BBC2
Director/Producer/Camera: Daniel Vernon and 2nd Unit Director/Camera Daniel Dewsbury
"Large sensor shallow DOF successfully executed, with sensitive, moody, atmospheric and arty photography... this stood out as a very high-quality production shot under what must have been less than ideal circumstances with limited opportunities to reshoot."

Unfortunately the winners were not able to attend but sent a message, which concluded:

"We wish to thank the victim’s families who allowed us to capture such intimate and private moments. Thanks again to the GTC for this award, we are truly honoured to receive it."

Automatica and Cymatics, YouTube
Director of Photography: Timur Civan

"Music videos for Nigel Stanford, including brilliant use of slow motion photography and intricate close-ups. The quality of the production and camera moves is fantastic, and the lighting superb."

Unfortunately Timur Civan wasn't able to attend but sent a message:

"I would like to thank the Guild of Television Camera Professionals, for this award. It's an exhilarating feeling to gain the recognition from my peers for all the hard work my crew and I put into the ‘Automatica’ and ‘Cymatics’ projects."

Taboo, BBC1
Director of Photography: Mark Patten BSC

"Together with the work of 'B' camera operator Chris Bain, Mark Patten's work on Taboo was a masterclass in lighting, framing and camerawork throughout the series. Fabulous to watch and a lesson in candle-lit scenes and moonlight!"

The award was collected by Jon Daly BSC on Mark's behalf.


World Athletics Championships 2017, BBC ONE and BBC TWO
Camera Supervisor: Tim Moses
"Tim was the Camera Supervisor for the host coverage broadcast to the world - a major operation, comparable with any Olympic coverage. Over 100 cameras of all types and sizes had to be co-ordinated. The leadership, resourcefulness and planning Tim showed during this challenging and rewarding outside broadcast are
a testament to his ability."

We were delighted that Tim was able to receive the Award and he paid tribute to his incredible crew.

Blue Planet II, BBC ONE
Camera: The Blue Planet II Camera Team

"Stunning camerawork, superb shots and fantastic framing above and below the water using a variety of techniques and new equipment to make this series one of the most watchable so far. It was a joy to watch from the first programme to the last and from the first minute until the credits."

Roger Nunns from the camera team sent a message on their behalf, including the following: 

"As an aspiring underwater cameraman back in 2001 The Blue Planet was a massive inspiration to me, so having the opportunity to work on the sequel with the incredible Blue Planet II team was an absolute honour." 

The Miniaturist, BBC ONE
Director of Photography: Gavin Finney BSC

"Beautiful lighting – every shot looked like a Vermeer painting."

Gavin was presented with his award by GTC Chairman, Graham Maunder.

Little Women, BBC ONE
Director of Photography: Piers McGrail ISC

"The cinematography on this show seemed to have achieved a great sense of continuity, depicting family lives over a great length of time. It is beautifully shot and the illusion of the change of seasons and passage of time are seamless."

Piers was away shooting in Ireland but sent the following message:

"Thank you so much to the Guild....It’s a real honour to receive an award from fellow crew...I am very grateful to our director, Vanessa Caswill. She had a really strong vision for Little Women, she assembled an extremely talented cast - and she made the whole process a very pleasant and memorable experience."

Snow Bears, BBC ONE
Camera: The Camera Team

"The entire programme consists of beautiful photography. The programme achieved amazing access to the most intimate moments of animals’ lives with various angles and methods. The animals looked as if they were acting in a narrative film. The drone shots were alsovery effective in showing the scale and beauty of the scenery."

Snow Bears was an extremely challenging shoot followeing polar bears and captured both moving and at times humorous images as illustrated by the clip shown. The Award for the whole camera team was collected by Steve Downer of the camera team and producer Phillip Dalton.

Expedition Volcano, BBC TWO
Director of Photography: William Edwards
Camera: Ryan Atkinson

“Not only was this an extremely arduous location to film, Will and his team managed to craft some beautifully shot footage. Working with a short depth of field isn't an easy choice when operating, and put together with working in an active volcano just ups the ante! The craft of documentary making and quality camerawork is thankfully still alive in this series”.

Ryan Atkinson collected the award on William's behalf, as well as his own, from GTC Chair, Graham Maunder.

Electric Dreams: Human Is, Channel 4
Director of Photography: David Katznelson BSC DFF

"The lighting on this episode was particularly stunning, giving attention to details in such a controlled manner. It really added depth and mood to thestory and the world they had created."

As David was unable to attend, John Daly BSC collected the award on his behalf.

Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees, BBC ONE
Camera: The Camera Team including Specialist Cameras

"The imagery throughout this fascinating and lovingly made programme was consistently beautiful and interesting, with tracking and drone shots providing variety and creating movement through and over the trees."

Mike and Dominic were away filming but Mike sent the following message:

"It is always a pleasure when your work is appreciated particularly by a discerning eye. And with such a daunting choice of ambitious and engaging television on our screens, being singled out is all the more remarkable.....I thank the Guild for their appreciation, their commitment to quality and, frankly, for noticing - thank you, it does make all the difference to know someone is watching."

Doctor Foster, Series 2, BBC ONE
DoP/'A' Camera Operator: Ben Wheeler and 'B’ Camera: Tom Wilkinson

“Amazing collaboration between Ben Wheeler and Tom Wilkinson on this (normally) two-camera drama series. There are many scenes where the excellence in camera operation adds so much to the script, scenes, atmosphere and tension."

Outstanding Contribution Award

We now take another break to present our new ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’, which is given to an individual who has contributed to the Guild or to the industry.

Nick Murray has worked for ACS (Aerial Camera Systems) for almost 10 years. Most of that time, he has been responsible for the tracking vehicle employed on ITV racing, a task which not only requires him to track over rough conditions, but to maintain the shot for the camera operator and make sure he or she is in the right place at the right time, not an easy task when travelling over rough terrain at 40 mph. He is doing the job of a grip but with more variables. He not only drives the vehicle but rebuilt and designed the interior to take the Gyro stabilising equipment, which he also maintains. His ability during the racing to check his position via the wing mirror, take note of the shot on the dashboard monitor and assess the track conditions is a credit to his professionalism and dedication, a job which is not always appreciated. 

A camera operator has to rely 100% on his positioning to maintain the constantly moving shot.

Nick was not able to attend but the Award was picked up on his behalf by GTC member Biff Baldwin, who has worked with Nick as the camera operator for many years.

 GTC Seal of Approval

One of the most astonishing lights in the Dedolight Turbo Series is the Dedolight DLED7 Bi-Colour Focusing LED fixture.

The DLED7 is the LED version of the classic Dedolight and shares the same optical properties of the classic Dedolight, evenness of the beam and excellent colour rendition, which doesn't change during dimming. The DLED7 has brought the classic ‘industry standard’ Dedolight up-to-date with its super bright, bi-colour output.

It is simply an amazing light and is becoming as iconic as the classic Dedolight, which we all love and have been using for many years.

The Seal of Approval was collected by Raffael Pollak, Dedo Weigert Film GmbH.


Fellowship of the GTC

In a very sad conclusion to the evening, GTC Sponsorship and Advertising Manager James French paid a moving tribute to a great friend and tireless supporter of the GTC, Martin Hammond.

Martin was due to be presented with a Fellowship of the GTC tonight but, as most will know, he tragically died in a car accident in February this year.

GTC Fellowships are awarded for an outstanding contribution to the GTC and surely no one has ever deserved this more wholly than Martin Hammond for - he is sorely missed by the GTC on a daily basis.

 GTC Awards judging

The GTC Awards are each year judged by a different panel of invited GTC members and colleagues. With the shortlist consisting of nominations made by GTC members, the GTC Awards are truly recognised as an accolade from peers from within the camera department. This particularly valued aspect of the GTC Awards was specifically mentioned by many of this year's recipients.

This year's judges were (l to r): Hazel Palmer, Graham Maunder, John Waters (IAWF), Mari Yamamura, Rex Palmer, Keith Massey, Alan Duxbury, John Henshall.

The GTC Council is particularly grateful to Mari Yamamura for her dedicated work in overseeing the nomination, judging and presentation of the GTC Awards in the role of GTC Awards Officer for the last two years.