Polecam FishFace and PICO partner for new aquatic views

GTC sponsor Polecam has taken its partnership with the Antelope PICO Ultra Slow Motion minicam a further leap forward by putting the camera into a redesigned FishFace waterproof housing on the end of a Polecam remote head lightweight jib arm. This combination now allows Polecam to shoot aquatic sports in HD streaming Ultra Slow Motion from viewpoints above and below water level, demonstrating new and spectacular shots and moves not seen before. This opens up new opportunities not only for sports viewing but also for natural history and industrial applications too.

Additionally this new functionality offers an important tool for the analysis of swimming, diving and other aquatic sports.

Polecam Systems took the kit to the Luton ActivePool to test the FishFace / PICO system and to record Ultra-Motion of swimmers and divers."The aim of this was two-fold," said Steffan Hewitt, owner of Polecam Systems. "Firstly to validate the system and generate footage for future events, and secondly as a training tool for the coaches."

The FishFace system was developed at the request of Laurie Frost of Camera Corps (also GTC sponsors) for the 2000 Sydney Olympics for a new view on swimming and diving. Since then it has become a standard tool for all major aquatic events including the swim section of the triathlon. Now by adding the Antelope PICO into a redesigned housing to attach to the standard FishFace, ultra-motion shots at 350fps can be achieved.

There will be more about ultra-motion shooting in the Spring issue of Zerb.

"Sport no longer happens without some form of ultra-motion for replays," said David Jenkins, Diving Development Officer for Luton Active, "but for us to be able to replay a shot instantly and then play back on a 50" monitor poolside is an invaluable training tool and we look forward to using it again."

"Instant analysis, but also having this high quality full HD footage for further analysis on my laptop after the session is also priceless," said Peter Woodbridge, Swimming Development Officer for Luton Active. "Playing back shots poolside immediately after the event is so much more powerful than the next day. It's fresh, and adjustments can be made immediately. Formula One pit-stops or 50m freestyle sprinters, the benefit is the same."

Mark Sallaway, a veteran Polecam/FishFace operator was on hand to run the 3-section (3.5m) Polecam while Steffan piloted the PICO and its instant replays. The PICO was running up to 350fps at full HD. Dan Palfreman, Luton Active Manager was extremely helpful in making this happen as well as all the swimmers and divers.

Here is a YouTube link to show what can be achieved: 

The Antelope PICO is available for demonstration from Polecam
Tel: +44 (0) 1234 855 222
Website: www.polecam.com

Mark Sallaway, Feedback Systems Ltd.
Tel: +44(0)7973 222485
Website: www.feedbacksystems.co.uk 

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