Bill Vinten GTC University Award 2014: why the work experience prize is so valuable

The Bill Vinten GTC Awards are open to final-year students. To enter, a portfolio of three films shot by three students, should be submitted from each university or educational facility. The films should be from different genres and should each have a specific camera credit. 

The 2014 winning university was University for the Creative Arts (UCA), who have kindly agreed to host this year’s presentation at their Farnham base in October.

In 2014 the individual prize was won by Vince Knight from Bournemouth University, with runners-up Daniel O’Flaherty and Thomas Read both coming from UCA. Each year the winners of the Bill Vinten GTC University Award are offered work experience with GTC colleagues. For Vince and Dan this was on the set of the daytime drama Doctors and they both took the time to write about this experience on set for Zerb magazine.

Read about Vince and Dan's work experience on the set of Doctors.